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NAISSANCE, hair accessories & fashion jewelry

Naissance is a trading company based in Seoul, South Korea.

We have been doing business related hair accessories and exporting products of our clients to world wide.

All of products are hand-maded by experts in Korea. So those quality and designs are very good.

Some products have been exposed at TV dramas and broadcasting programs by sponsoring to star entertainers.

Our products are made of cellulose acetate and genuine Swarovski stone from Austria.

The cellulose acetate is extracted from trees and plants, so the price is very higher than acrylic plastic extracted from petroleum.

The cellulose acetate is not toxic to human body unlike acrylic plastic. And the cellulose is mainly used masterpiece brand's hair accessories.

The cellulose acetate is imported from Mazzechelli 1849 in Italia.

We have two brands, Rena Chris and Emmaroi.

These brands are registered at 30 countries include France, Chinese Taipei, Japan, China, South Korea and so on.

These brands, Rena Chris and Emmaroi, are well known to Korean people.

Most of the products are sold at major department stores, roadshops and internet commerce sites.

Each single piece of products is designed by our own designer and produced beautifully with precious crysta stones.

We can garantee the quality of entire products and it will make you feel absolute satisfaction.

Thank you!

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